“The Saker blog” is now available on Saker Latinoamérica

Quantum Bird, on behalf of the Saker Latinoamérica Community – March 12, 2024

Dear readers, we would like to announce that from now on, we will make available at Saker Latinoamérica the legendary The Saker Blog, from our great friend and inspirational source, Andrei Raevsky.

The archive of “The Saker Blog” is accessible via Saker Latinoamerica at:


As many of you know, Raevsky froze “The Saker Blog” on February 28, 2023 and the blog was endangered of going off-line due to the expiration of its server lease term. Keeping “The Saker Blog” online was the easiest decision we have ever made.

It’s a way for us to express our gratitude to Andrei Raevsky for his generosity, dedication and honesty when running the Saker Global Community of News, which has been crucial to our education, since it was by reading the articles, comments and the unique analyses published there that many of us better understood the nuances and complexities of history and global geopolitics. In particular, “The Saker Blog” is indispensable for anyone who wants to accurately and deeply understand the circumstances, causes and possible consequences of the conflict in Ukraine. Everything about Ukraine was documented in real time on The Saker Blog from the beginning, from different angles and points of view.

Happy reading and good research to everyone.

P.S.: for Latin American readers, it is worth remembering that our team translated part of the material published in English on The Saker into Portuguese and Spanish, and makes it available on Saker Latinoamerica. Additional translations (contributions) are always welcome.

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  1. SILVA said:

    Gostaria de agradecer a essa decisão… Eu me deparei por acaso no blog the saker, em 2014 e desde então foi enriquecedor acompanhar por todos esses anos e quando soube que ele estava se “aposentando”, foi um baque muito forte.. Mas acredito que outras pessoas levaram seu espirito adiante.. como o amaranthy e o simplicius.. E gostaria se alguem tem contato ou noticia do Andrei, pois nas ultimas mensagens dava a entender que estava com a saude nao muito boa.. E, por ultimo, gostaria de agradecer pelo excelente trabalho no site.. Obrigado…

    13 March, 2024

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